Barrow Bottle Company. Cannington, Shaw & Co (C.S & Co) Bottle. Rarity and Worth

Hi Chris,
I have an aqua Barrow Bottling Company Bottle with a nice a tooled top. The bottom of the bottle has arched embossing. The top of the base is embossed with 1697 and the bottom is embossed with C.S & Co. As you can see in the picture, The "o" in Co is scripted next to the top of the "C." The face of the bottle is beautifully embossed with the words, The Barrow Bottling Co, BARROW, Registered, Limited Trade Mark. In the center of the words is an embossing of 4 bottles. I found only limited information about the C.S & Co and very little about this specific mold.

With the above information and the pictures, I was hoping you could shed a bit more light on this bottle. Is it rare? Is it worth anything? Was it beer or soda?

Thanks for your time!


  • The first pictures are not so clear when blown up. Hopefully these are better.
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  • Ryan,
    Not sure if soda or beer but can say it is of English origin. The picture of the bottles definitely adds to its appeal.

    Sorry that I cannot be of help with value but you might want to browse around on and look at similar bottles (see
  • Hey Chris,
    Thanks for the info! I just found some additional info on c.s &co. The article says that the bottom embossing that is on my bottle is "scarce" because it is lacking the "LD." Would that small difference increase the collectability of the bottle? I found the info on page 4! Here is the link
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    Found this green tinted Jar/Bottle today. It is 8 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter (base) and just under 2 inches at the mouth. It has the marks C.S & Co and the number above 263. I am hoping someone can tell me more about it.
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  • @VikiAnderson - I presume this shape jar was for some food product...the wide mouth suggests the contents were a non liquid.

    As for CS & Co - it is Cannington, Shaw & Co. - see the link above which provides a great bit of research on this British company.
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