measured medicine bottles

i have lots of old measured medicine bottles i have dug up.they are the kind that have the funky looking 3,followed by a roman i found towars over the rest i have's a number12, a corktop and on bottom says owens and a number this a rare bottle?also i have one that says quality purity and blue ribbon on bottom.i saw a bottle like it with an asking price of $125. what makes this one so special?


  • I think you will find this page on pharmacy bottles helpful.

    I could not tell you about this bottle for sale without seeing a photo.
  • I have several of these Blue Ribbon bottles, however, I found one while digging the other day that I think may be rare. I looked it up and I can't find anything out about it. It is a tiny blue ribbon bottle about two inches tall and at the top it says 3ss. I could not find any bottles like it online that say 3ss. I was thinking maybe this is a sampler bottle? Does anybody know something about this bottle or it's value?
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    @EmanM18 Don't quit your day job quite yet. All these pharmacy bottles were mass produced with emphasis on the word mass.

    SS may stand for single strength or one half.
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