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    Yes, very much a whiskey bottle. Presumably the cobwebs were meant to signify that the whiskey was well aged, sitting in a cellar collecting dust and cobwebs...although we know whiskey does not age once bottled!

    Here is a similar example - photo is from this eBay auction:

  • An attractive whiskey flask -- I have seen the general bottle form called "new whiskey." It is a machine-made bottle (based on the valve scar on the base) which suggests it post-dates 1903. Lacking a "Federal Law . . . " embossment, the bottle predates 1934. The evidence is a bit softer for a finer date assignment . . . My guess is the bottle pre-dates the 1918 Prohibition because fancy bottles were less in demand (no brand competition during the dry time). Research on the manufacturer mark (is that an Illinois Glass diamond?) may tighten the date estimate.
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