Dr. Seth Arnold COUCH Killer (misspelled)

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  • What is the following misprint worth?

    Says couch killer rather than cough killer. It is supposed to be Dr. Seth Arnold's cough killer.

  • As much as I find this amusing, I do not think bottle collectors are going to reach deeply into their wallet to pay a premium for it.

    Yes, there is interest in the bottle community for mold variants - quite a bit actually in recent years - but I am not aware of cases where a single letter like this makes for a big value difference. Color variants and substantial mold differences are where the interest lies.

    Having said that, would I be surprised if I saw an eBay auction where a letter variant like this went crazy price wise? Not in the least. Still I think it unlikely...

  • I agree with Chris about this error bottle. I am fond on my Langley's Bitters with the reversed 66, but the error doesn't make a big difference in collector interest.

  • I have to agree with both you and chris I would not pay a plug nickel more for the variants. Them langley's bitters are somewhat common, great job harry for the common examples

  • The pontil-scarred Langley's with the reversed 99 is selling on eBay recently for $100 - $160. Not too common, if measured by selling price on-line. Show prices are different, I think, but I haven't priced them at a show for a good while.

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