Steelman patent whiskey bottle

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  • I have a brown whiskey bottle with screw top. patent # D95464. Patent filed 2/7/1935 & issue date 4/30/35. J.S. Steelman Bottle. Millville, NJ. Assignor to Whitall Tatum Co., in NY<NY. Serial #55,280. Term of patent 14 years. I want to know what the value of this bottle is.
  • Can you attach a PDF of the patent or provide a link to it?
  • Collector interest in 20th century whiskey bottles is primarily for visually appealing labeled examples. Colorful attractive labels are not common, plain 20th century bottles still are.

    You may find a D- or an R- number on the bottom of the bottle which could help identify the distillery and/or brand

  • There is a D 126

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