My Dog Found this Bottle

Hi Everyone,

My dog likes to get rocks from the small creek that runs through our yard. She brings them to us so that we can throw them back in for her to find. Yesterday, instead of a rock, she dropped this at my husband's feet. It was totally caked with dirt and mud. We cleaned it as best we could.

It is dimpled glass with a pressed aluminum top with a hole. About 2.5 tall .

Just curious if anyone has any thoughts on what it may be? Thanks


  • Your post got my quick attention, what with me being a fellow dog owner. Needless to say, a bottle retriever might just be a valuable companion to a bottle collector! Just need to train the dog to the rare ones :-)

    This is an unusual shape for bottles of its type, at least to me since I have only seen round vials. The aluminum closure gives it away - it once had a rubber gasket through which a needle could be inserted. It is a medicine vial for an injectable drug of some sort. Mid 20th century, I am not entirely sure.

    You will find other examples in this forum by searching on "vial" or "ampule"

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