Found unique? Owens-Illinois

This bottle was found in central Florida.

The bottom of the bottle is marked as followed

2 (OI mark) 6

pat. Applied for


any ideas on what it was manufactured for/value

information I have gathered already is, from plant #2 Huntington WV & possible date of 1936?


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  • Thanks for posting.

    This is an odd shape, and shape is pretty much all we have to go by. The patent would be hard to research without some additional clues.

    Try looking through the 1933 Owens-Illinois catalog and see if you can find a similar shape which would indicate the bottle's use.

  • Thank you for the response!

    I had briefly looked through that catalog the other day and the only thing I can find similar to that bottle shape is one of their nursing bottle flask. However this bottle would hold about 16oz which is much larger than the 8oz flask I have been able to find. And it also is lacking the measurements on the side? I’m kind of stumped on this one lol

  • Good point, I had thought of nursing bottle as well - definitely possible. The lip on your bottle is definitely odd and it would work well to secure a nipple.

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