Help with Identifying a pink decanter type bottle - Jamestown

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HI, I am looking for any information or assistance with this bottle. I have tried reverse image search and vintage glass books at the library.

It has the words "John Rolfe" on one side with a picture of a man and the other side has a rustic cabin with the words "his Jamestown home" . No discerning marks on the bottom of the bottle and each side has a seam (?). The shape is very unusual and I could not find information on it.

Any assistance or information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You


  • Thanks for posting such clear pictures.

    You have a modern bottle which I like to call a reinterpretation rather than the more commonly used phrase, reproduction. This is not an exact replica but rather a new bottle made in the tradition of an original 19th century historical flask. The shape is somewhat similar to a few molds found in original "scroll" flasks.

    This may be the product of Clevenger Glass of New Jersey or Wheaton Glass. It may be / have been a product made for sale at a gift shop of a historical museum such as

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