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  • hbgpabottles
    Hello I just saw a post concerning a Kunkles Bitter Wine Of Iron. Is it from Phila or Harrisburgh Pa? Thanks
    January 8
  • matt
    I have an unknown bottle in my possession. It has the word Cattedrale on the bottom. it is a circular shaped at the base and it narrows into a cork top. it seems to be wrapped in leather or hide? the bottle itself under the wrapping is green.
    September 2017
    • RobertSBurford
      cattedrale translate from Italian as cathedral... not surprising as the building sure looks like an Italian catholic church. You could possibly do a photo-search for Italian churches that look like your bottle; note that your church has right beside it a "campanile" (an Italian bell tower, especially a freestanding one), a common but still distinctive enough to weed out 1/2 the church pictures you might retrieve.You do not say that the 'bottle' is glass -- can you tell if it is glass at the mouth below the cork? Without ruining the piece by taking the leather off to inspect the glass, it will be most difficult to approximate the age. Just offering a guess here: history tells us that throughout the Middle Ages and later, "pilgrims" wandered over Europe to pray at churches, monasteries, religious shrines, sites that housed religious relics. Like a modern army on the march, each individual carrying a canteen, each pilgrim would carry their own life-sustaining water supply, sometimes in a contained like a gourd calabash but the wealthier pilgrim would have a flask. They were usually flattened, usually 'armored" with leather or woven rattan/ reeds, often with a strap attached so to be carried over the shoulder. Yours could be a pilgrims' flask several hundred years old or more modern "repro" pilgrims' flask sold at this church's gift shop.
  • cody6996
    I have a Forsha Alternative Balm bottle that I found. Green Aqua, 5-1/2", open pontil, applied double collar mouth. I don't have any knowledge about bottles and was wondering how much it is?
    June 2017
  • misty
    I have a bottle I need help with it has 2 capital A's on. One side (embossed) a horse shoe embossed on other side. Numbers D9 8 58 2 on bottom with federal law forbids sale around outside of bottom. A glass cork with a hole inside that allows liquid to enter cork when upside down this bottle also says 4/5 quart at bottom side. Can anyone help me with this anything value as well? Thank you
    April 2017
  • playfulpyro7
    I have a Roth & Co. 25 oz amber bottle.It has roth &co. san francisco printed inside a circle and RCO in rasied letters i the very middle of same circle no date on bottle has visable seams and air bubbles in the glass.would like to know date and possible value.also have another amber glass bottle made in france S Raphael Aperitif 075 L 8A and s6 inside a square stamped or printed on bottom of bottle noother marks on bottle seams and air bubbles visable
    would send pic but truth is i dont know how
    August 2016
  • Mikedoug2
    Looking to identify random bottles could you show me some pictures
    June 2015
  • OldManDave3540
    any ink bottle collectors out there
    March 2014
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