what was this bottle used for?

I found this Owen Illinois bottle last week and have no idea what it was made for. I'm also uncertain about interpreting the date, it has a single digit of 4.


  • Thanks for posting.

    Owens-Illinois, like other glass companies, produced a variety of generic bottles for various purposes. You might be able to track down actual products that used such a bottle (if they retain their labels) but that would be a lot of work since you do not have anything definite like embossing to go by.

    About the best you can do is review a vintage O-I catalog and find the general category that such a bottle was used for. See this webpage (scroll down for links) https://sha.org/bottle/oi1933.htm

  • Thank you, how about the dating of it, would I follow the same guide lines of dating a beer bottle with a single digit?

  • I just found this bottle yesterday. looks like a beer bottle and it has the Pacific coast glass co mark P/C and only has a 2 digit #12

    I looks like this emblem was used between 1924 and 1930. I'm guessing the #12 is a mold number, so there seems no way to be able to date this bottle to a specific year. Does anyone have any additional info that would be helpful? thank you.

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