Whelan Drug 3xvi druggist bottle

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  • I have what I believe I have identified as a 1931 Owen's glass company 16 oz medica bottle with Whelan drug prescription service painted on markings on bottom are Owen's plant code is 9 year code is 1 trademark is circle in a diamond with a regular capital I in the middle it has Duraglas embossed in front along with the 16 oz designation 3xvi then Whelan Drug and Prescription Service painted in red. Following are pictures can you give me an idea on price. Also I'm interested in selling it.

  • There's really not much value in plain 20th century machine made bottles. They need some distiguishing feature to propel them up to the next level of interest, such as:

    • a really attractive label, in good condition
    • a label for a controlled substance which gets the attention of a particular slice of the collector market
    • original contents if a liquor bottle
    • specific examples like milk bottles or early Coke bottles or painted label sodas
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