Unusual Pair of Bottles, please help looking for info.

Please help I have a pair of decanters that I would love some more info about, i.e. age, possibly country of origin, process of creation etc. I honestly have no information other than what the pictures show. They are both nonagonal (nine sided) and they seem a bit oversized than the usual decanter.
I added a scale for reference.

Thank you kindly in advance.


  • Hi

    Your decanters are definitely old - as in 19th century. They are cut, not polished, and have polished pontils on their bases. I am no expert on the origins of cut glass but my instinct says Continental or UK

    It is always better to have a matching pair!

  • Thanks for the info Chris, I suspected as such but the nonagonal thing is what gets me, I personally haven't seen very many in this geometric configuration but I am unaware if historically the nine-side shape is common..
    If anyone else any more info or speculations please do share!
  • Well you are right - how the heck, even with the internet as a resource, does one laout a nine sided shape with accuracy! I guess there was method to the madness :-)
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