E&B Champagne beer bottle - Detroit, MI

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I still have to get some of the archive papers, but I have an E&B Champagne beer bottle with bent open cap and very fragile label from a bottle never sold. It was pre-prohibition because the label clearly states that it deals the the alcohol act of 1906. It has the street address as 400 Main street, Detroit, MI. This was the first Champagne beer to be distributed across the U. S. for the New Years Eve celebration, but unfortunately a fire burnt the brewery down, then prohibition stopped the rebuild in 1920...Michigan being the first state to advocate the act. I found the bottle a long time ago in my great-grandparents attic, which they remembered renting to a man who worked at the brewery. He must have helped himself to a taste test. Now the beer was never sold, and I have a bottle with colorful label. How would I sell this? What kind of price would something like this bring? Heck, the beer cap is bent but it has bright colors still, this should be worth something for cap collectors. I plan on getting the archive papers from the fire, a copy of the building sale at the time E&B bought the building and a copy of the label print that was registered for this bottle, to prove it is what I'm saying. But, what kind of price would something like this fetch? And where or who is the best for selling this? Thanks (will add photo tomorrow)


  • Your questions depend on the visual appeal and quality/condition of the item which one could only tell from seeing a photo.

    Looking forward to seeing your photo.
  • Here are the photos, the entire label is legible and the bottle is in great condition with raised lettering which should allow for easy conformation on the make and year of the bottle. There is still beer residue in the bottle and I couldn't get a good photo of the cap, it reflects and gets blurry but it is original also. It is in the same condition I found it in, I keep it in an air tight glass container and out of the sunlight.
  • For the benefit of others, I believe E&B is Eckhardt & Becker as in Eckhardt & Becker Brewing Co.

    You will find a good history of Detroit breweries at this webpage

    The condition of the label hurts the potential value of this bottle.

    My gut reaction puts it in the $10-30 range with some possible upside if a collector of Detroit beer bottles did not have one and absolutely had to add it to his collection.

    ebayimage is your best bet to sell this.

  • I might suggest that you provide the exact embossing that is on the bottle. A lot of collectors check in here and might be able to provide some more details on age and value.
  • The Detroit history of Eckhardt & Becker Brewing Co. has roots in Detroit dating to 1790, but this particular bottle eludes mention, in fact, Champagne Beer was not introduced until the 40's and this bottle clearly states it's before the 1920 prohibition. I'm still tracking down all the information, but this product of beer was never sold and should not exist, so I figured it would bring a rare price. What I'm hoping is, that this was the first protest brewery burning that began the prohibition because it was set to be the first higher content of alcohol beer to be mass sold from cost to cost. That would make this even a larger part of history from the prohibition stand point. It's a very interesting bottle and I enjoy the hunt for the truth about something not easily found.

    The embossing on the bottle read's

    Bottom of the bottle embossed also, read's

    ( REGISTERED / A )

    Label read's


    Small print on label read's


    ( PHONE / MAIN - 4400 / CITY - 4400 )

    Then there is some micro print on it in a different language with letters I don't have, I believe it's German.

    The band read's

    ( BREWED FROM THE / CHOICEST MALT & HOPS / W (tear on band and can't read the next word...then on same line) STRICTLY PURE. )

    The cap is bright red with the letters ( E&B ) on it.

    Hope this helps.

  • We salvaged a bottle from St. Clair River Bottom is ABC and the last line on the side reads "Pure and without drugs or poison registered". Good to know when you buy your beer.
  • I’m married to the grandson of August Ekhardt. Do you still have the bottle?
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