1875 - 1890s dump site. approximate age of bottles found?

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To dig or not to dig....... That was my question I answered for my self. This is the first time I actually ever dug in the dirt with the intention of looking for bottles. There was evidence of really old bottles around this cliff above a small river. ( posted earlier of river finds) I was unsure of how to start, so I just dug in and low and behold, I found some amazing.. WHOLE! bottles........

The tall aqua looks to be a Carters master ink, with a pinched spout top. did some searching, could date as early as 1870s? Anybody???

Next is Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Compound. Looks to have an early neck and opening

The small ones are Mrs Winslows soothing syrup. A morphine " treatment". These ones look to be early, some searching turned up they changed the wording on the bottle in the late 1880-90s?

Finally is my favorite, a VICHY WATER, HANBURY SMITH NY mineral water. Looks to be a pint, if I compare it to the beer glass in my hand........ Any value with this one, or any?

I plan on heading back and doing some more diggin! Will post updated finds, if any... Thanks for any imput on the bottles.



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