brown liquor bottle

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My friend dug up this bottle yesterday. It appears to be a liquor bottle. It looks like it has spaces for labels on the front and back. It has a screw top. The front reads "one pint" at the bottom w/ a "3" under it, and there is a profile of a revolutinary soldier. The sides show ships and a revolutionary soldier raising a sword. The back reads "Federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle", D11 56 40. And the bottom reads "Des.Pat.73096" with a 3 under it. What was this? And about how old is it? Thanks.


  • I think I got some of my own answers. It is a John Paul Jones Whiskey bottle. Very likely the 40 is the year of manufacture.
  • Thanks, Gary. Yes, I have correlated (based on labeled examples) that D-11 marking with Frankfort Distilleries in Baltimore, MD which produced (probably among other items) Paul Jones Whiskey.

  • chris, I have a bottle with similar markings but the neck has another step in it and the "federal law forbids..." comment isn't on it and it is not a screw top. on the bottom is the number 6 then a symbol that looks like two ovals in a cross pattern then the number 4 and underneath the symbol is the number 11. any idea of the age?
    unfortunately this site wouldn't let me upload my camera photo because it is too big and I don't know how to make it smaller and my camera phone isn't cooperating with my email right now.
  • phone started cooperating - pic attached
  • I have the exact same bottle but the only difference is where yours reads 011 57 40 mine reads 011 65 40 they must be from the same shipment I found mine in a creek behind my house when I was a kid right out side of write city tx
  • I see no new post on this. I just found a bottle just like the one garyc has or had. Any extra info on these bottles? Are they worth more than a couple of $ ?
  • One can say in general that the 20th century whiskey bottles marked FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS... are common and not really worth much unless they retain their original labels, packaging, tax stamp and/or contents.
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