Help with clear liquor, cello and music notes

I found this today on a walk at my parent's. I cannot find any information about the maker of this mysterious booze and bottle. Any ideas? The front has what appears to be a man playing the cello along the usual "Federal Law Forbids..." bit, and the back has a music staff and some notes. There are indentations where I assume a paper label was probably located. The bottom is marked with a D-37, 14, B, a 5 or 6 not sure which, and a 3. I am terribly curious. I know it's not very old or anything but the fact that I can't find anything on it is driving me crazy! Thanks!


  • Hi and welcome

    There really are two questions here:

    (1) which company manufactured the bottle


    (2) what product was contained in the bottle

    As for (1) you did not report any manufacturer mark so you won't be able to get anywhere with this question

    but for (2) the key lies with "D-37". The federal law which requires the "FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS" embossing also required bottles to be marked with an identifying number for the distillery or rectifier. I have been building a list of these #s but unfortunately 37 is not on that list yet.

    I have built the list by reviewing labeled examples. Perhaps I will be able to track yours down at some point.

  • Thanks so much for your response. Actually there is a B within a circle on the bottom, which I left out of the description. Is that the manufacturer's mark?
  • ahh - Brockway Glass Co., Brockway, PA

    See also my web page on Federal Law Forbids
  • I also have one of these half pint liquor bottles. I'd love to know more about it. Mine has the cello player on the front and musical notes on the back as well. The stamp on the bottom is different though. It reads R72.
  • The best answer lies with finding a labeled example.

    This bottle brings us a step closer: same bottle on ebayimage with its bakelite cap marked "The Original Walker's Trade Mark Reg"

  • I found the same bottle as 'abrewington', I would just like to know how old it is as I am trying to date the site it came from. I knew it was from PA because it has the keystone symbol on the bottom with a "0" inside. Also the numbers 24 over 49, and the same R72 as 'Koombyeya' mentioned. The one on ebay does not list a date.
  • About all you can say for sure is mid 1930s to mid 1960s based on the "Federal Law Forbids" embossing.

    It is possible, but I am not aware of research that could confirm, that the 49 mark on the base indicates 1949. Each bottle manufacturer had its own proprietary markings of which very little is known.
  • Hello, I am looking for one of these bottles to display with a piece of sea glass I found with the musical notes from this bottle on it. If anyone is interested in selling theirs, please contact me. Thank you
  • I have one for sale. Would you like to make an offer?
  • I also have 2 of these exact ones with the cello, music notes, R72 on bottom. I'm looking for a good platform to sell them on and a fair price. Can anyone help?? Thank you!!!!

  • Hi @kfcrowso7 - You will find a bunch of discussion on this forum about how these clear bottles - at least those without labels, or contents or perhaps even packaging - don't have much value. Occasionally they sell on eBay, and that would be one place to market them, but if you search on completed auctions you will find many such bottles without a buyer.

  • I work in a State Park built by the CCC in 1937 and just found this bottle. Makes me believe it could have possibly been from a CCC worker when constructing, but also may be later on.

    Has anyone had any luck with eBay searches for this specific bottle? My search results have not had any luck.

  • i just dug this exact bottle out of an trash site on our property. It still has the Bakelite cap on it. The bottle is an old Walker

    whiskey bottle. This farm dates back to 1915… I am finding all sorts of really cool bottles.

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