Hi I need help identifying bottle/jar (pics included)

On bottom in center mTc, reads Federal Law Forbids Sale or Re-Use of this Bottle, above mtc has 3669, below mtc has d-126, below d-126 it has s9/59 on either side of mtc it has a 2 & 9/6. The lid is plastic screw on with a cap that screws on it


  • Here are pics
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  • It has this embossed pattern all around it
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  • We know from the Federal Law Forbids embossing that this must have contained an alcoholic drink. Perhaps the wide-mouth was a convenience packaging - just add ice, shake and pour into your favorite glass.

    D-126 may indicate Seagrams Company - have seen this on other bottles which I have been able to connect to Seagrams.

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