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I would like to know the value of this bottle and any history behind it.
There is embossed in front Ben Franklin and around picture starting on left and going all way around head figure it
states Bem Franklin.
On bottom it states,Made in Taiwan
It has a cork
Measurements: approx. 2 5/8" tall.
Thanks in advance


  • Hi and welcome to the forum

    As you might expect from the "MADE IN TAIWAN" embossing on the base, this is a modern imitation of a 19th century historical flask. It is not more than about 30 years old.

    There are some original American flasks from the 19th century that did depict Benjamin Franklin

    You will find some interest in these modern decorative bottles on ebayimage - I see them selling from a few dollars to perhaps 15 or so.

  • Thank you Chris
  • I have this same bottle but I have nothing written on the bottom.
  • @HernandezT - if it is the exact same mold, then it is still a modern replica bottle. If you think the bottle might be somehow different, please post a photo.
  • I have one of these miniature bottles as well with a Taiwan marking on the bottom of the bottle but above the picture of Benjamin Franklin, his name is misspelled as Benjanyn Franklin. The “B” almost looks like an “R” and the “j” is backwards. Any information or thoughts on this one?
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