Help me id this glass liquor bottle with fingerprints

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I found this bottle. Sorry that it is dirty but the top is metal and very rusted, I have not attempted to remove it.

--Federal law forbids sale or reuse of this bottle (1935-1964)
--Makers mark is a keystone symbol without anything in it
--Likely machine made
--Metal screw cap with two threads
--Fingergrips embossed on the side (right handed bottle)
--Bottom of the bottle looks like this:
25 55
(keystone mark)

There is one on ebay for sale (1956). Another person thought it was an old Mr. Boston whiskey bottle.

Any ideas as to the distiller and/or date?



  • Hi Carolyn, welcome to the forum. You have done an excellent job here of lining up the details but unfortunately I will not be of much help.

    Julian Tolouse, in Bottle Makers and Their Marks, says the keystone mark alone cannot be pinned to a particular glass manufacturer.

    It is possible that the "55" is the year of (glass) manufacture. Legislation which required the "Federal Law Forbids" marking also required markings on the base but these markings are not consistent.

    One usually sees a D-### or R-### (distiller or rectifier) which identifies a company - it is possible that this could be D-1. I have been assembling notes on these numbers - for D-1, I have National Distillers Products Corp., Cincinnati, Ohio. I would not count on this...have not cross checked this particular entry against multiple bottles as of yet.

    Probably your best bet would be to continue to browse ebay in hopes of finding a similar example, perhaps with a label, or just others marked with D-1. I might recommend searching on "Federal Law Forbids" which will give you lots of bottle results to review.
  • ok. Thank you historic. I will keep my eye out for others. If I find one, I'll be sure to post it here.
  • I have the exact same bottle. I can read Mr Boston on the label, but that is all.

  • The lid on mine actually reads "Old Mr Boston Brand Fine Liquors"

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