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Acceptable Posts

The subject and content of your posts should be limited to antique bottles and antique glass objects. Discussion of vintage and reproduction glass objects as well as those of questionable age is also welcome. Also acceptable are topics regarding glass manufacture, collecting, etc. Off-topic discussions will be deleted.

Post Titles

Be specific. Good examples include "Large green bottle marked Congress and Empire" or "Need help with 3iv bottle" or "Drake's Plantation Bitters - need value info" Less helpful titles are unclear, such as, "Help, need info" or "What is this worth?"

Post Descriptions

Don't hold back - give us plenty of information.
Include the bottle's embossing in the post - it may be hard to read from the photo.
Mold seam - describe the seam and how far it goes up the bottle's neck and lip.
Color - describe.
Markings on base - List out all the markings.
Location - many but not all visitors here are from the US and Canada. If you are from another country, do let us know.


Posts with photos are much more likely to be answered.

Links Policy

- Links to your personal antique bottle and antique glass sites are acceptable.

- You may link to an or other auction, as long as the listing or event relates to antique bottles and/or antique glass.

- Commercial or business listings, including general antiques businesses, are not allowed without the prior approval of the moderator.

- Links to sites which have no relevance to antique bottles or antique glass will be removed quickly.

- If you post inappropriate links, you posts and your customer account will be deleted.

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