Old Bottle Identification

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We found this glass bottle about 4 feet in the ground next a clay field tile. We think one of the workers may have left it there on purpose. We were curious if the letters and numbers on the bottom identify it somehow. It was found in North Liberty, IA. It also says federal law forbids the reuse of this bottle on it. The bottom reads D23 65-40. Thank you. Dan


  • Hi Dan

    We know from the FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS embossing (see my web page on the subject) that this is a mid 20th century whiskey or other spirits bottle.

    D23 is the permit number (Distiller 23)
    I believe 40 is the year of manufacture and 65 is a manufacturer number.
  • Thank you for the quick reply and information. After some searching for those numbers
    Hiram Walker and Sons seems to pop up alot. This was from another bottle on someone's post could this be what was in it?

    From another post on the interenet

    "straight rye whiskey, says Gooderham and Worts, says peoria IL, says Hiram Walker and sons, code on bottom is D23 65-43"

    Are there any resources for distiller numbers from that time frame? Dan
  • Dan,

    Sure, the D23 could very well have been the manufacturer ID for Hiram Walker.

    I am not aware of any resource for these marks - it would be a good project. I will put it on my (long) list of ideas for website content.
  • I have a clear one pint bottle that says " FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS SALE OR RE-USE OF THIS BOTTLE" and has the D688 then underneath has 65-7 listed on the bottom and to the side contains a symbol that looks like a diamond with a circle through it and the letter I or possibly the number 1 on it.
  • Hello,
    I'm from northeastern PA. I came across a brown bottle that also states "Federal law Forbids sale or re-use of this bottle". The number on the bottom is D23 and underneath that 65-42? Any ideas??? Also the base of it has a train, plane, and car, horse and buggyy embossed on it. Any info would be greatly appreciated
  • Hi I'm new here>
    been trying to find my bottle by the id number r 134 65 -5
    my bottle does not come up / found it in my back yard
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