Need help dating bottles...

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Hello everyone. I started collecting bottles a few months back and over the past few months I have come across some great local finds. I found several antique bottles today at an antique shop. Bottle 1 is this six inch tall clear bottle. It has a weird top with a small hole for a cork. On one side of the bottle it says "J.R. WATKINS MEDICAL CO. WINONA, MINN. USA" and the other side says "WATKINS DANDRUFF REMOVER AND SCALP TONIC." When I looked the bottle up and the company up, all I could find was that the company was started around the 1860s-1870s and was sold off in around 1907. I figured that once the company had been sold the name would have changed or bottle design. I am just looking for the approximate age give or take. Thank you.


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