Estate Sale Find - ID Help please

Hello everyone. I found an old amber bottle with a glass stopper at an estate sale. The folks running the sale knew nothing about the bottle or the history. I've searched and searched the net but I can't find anything like it. From my research, with my limited knowledge, it appears to be early 1800's, hand blown and possibly a wine vessel?

It stands about 15" tall and 6" wide.

Of particular interest is that it appears to have the neck of the bottle pushed through the body and fused.

Any help with the identification, origin and date of this bottle would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  • Interesting bottle, thanks for posting.

    It is possible to find antique bottles with millions of bubbles like yours. However, your bottle is modern - glass with such extreme "bubbliness" is frequently associated with decorative / tourist-trade modern glass made in Mexico. The bottle is modern but intentionally made to look old.

    This particular example is unusual in that it was blown in the half-post method meaning an extra layer of glass was drawn up over the body of the bottle. Note the resulting edge of the outer layer on the neck.

    It is attractive and does have at least some decorative value. I do see similar bottles sell on eBay on a regular basis.

  • Interesting! Thank you!

    I’ll be on the look out for more. I’m new to this, but after doing a bit of research into this bottle, I find the whole field quite fascinating. I’m sure I have passed right over many valuable gems in the past.

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