Sea-washed Owens bottle

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  • I found a frosted glass bottle similar by I believe Owens.. it says three IV on the flat side of the bottle the other side of the bottle is rounded there is no cork.. it has segmented detailing on the bottlemouth part and the sides.. I don't believe it has any measuring marks on it although it is hard to tell but on the bottom it has an o and a square and then the number 63.. I was wondering when this bottle dates to or any information on dating it and if it came frosted like this or if this happened because I found it on the beach LOL

  • Bottles tumbling around in the ocean is not much different than sand blasting. This is commonly called sea-washed glass.

    Bill Lockhart's website amasses lots of good info on Owens-Illinois including the square owens mark like your bottle has.

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