Bardo Chianti Tall Fishneck Bottle 1978

I would like to know what the value of this bottle may be.

Bardo Chianti Tall Fishneck Bottle 1978 It’s been in the family awhile. It’s about 45.5 inches tall

I have not been able to find others like it. I’ve seen some as green glass but mine is clear. It is just as it was new. Never opened. Thank you very much.


  • The brand is Bardi. Typo error.

  • I really do not think the glass color or the brand have any bearing on value. Usually for modern pieces like this I point to the contents for value but in this case it has long since turned to vinegar. Consider also that this bottle would be quite expensive to package safely and ship.

    I say it has some minor decorative value because of its size and odd shape in line with what others are offering decorative glass bottles and objects on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. CL, FB or a yard sale are your options for selling...

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