Bottle type?

Looking for any information here, brand, type(liquor?), year, etc. thanks.


  • Your early 20th century whiskey bottle is not one I have seen. The bell tower or clock tower must be central to the brand. I have associated "Walker Whiskey" with the D-37 distiller number but I do not know which Walker brand since there are several. Seems more likely that Bell would be the brand - there is an English Bell scotch - you are looking for an American brand.

  • Thank you for this information. Someone said they believe it’s between the 30’s-60’s because of the federal law embossed on it. I would love a more exact date, but we will see. I thought since it is so detailed I’d have an easier time bent out answers….but one may never know.

  • There is a mistaken impression online that one can decode any and all numbers on the bottom of bottles to reveal the manufacture date and other info. That is largely true for Owens-Illinois, thanks to the good work of researcher Bill Lockhart. For other manufacturers, there is sparse knowledge. Your bottle was made by Brockway Glass in PA and yes, one can bracket the age based on the Federal Law Forbids... embossing - I created a webpage on this topic.

    Finding out more about your bottle means looking for a labeled example or for advertising of the brand. Research takes time and effort but it will pay off eventually.

    Do let us know if you find out more about this bottle!

  • I went down to the spot where my son found this, there were two more of these bottles there (one the same size, one a bit smaller but both had broken glass), however those had a cap on it. Hope it will help with the research.

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