general Taylor never surrenders bottle

I am a newbie to these bottles, found this at salvation Army for 99 cents... hoping im holding a winning lottery ticket here, i know nothing about glass bottles.. I know if this thing is real and not a repro it could be worth alot of money...thanks for any help! and if it is a repro is it worth anything
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  • Not all winning lottery tickets are jackpots :-( but many of us know the minor satisfaction of making at least a few dollars on a ticket.

    This is a modern piece but they still do trade on ebay in the $5 to 15 range.

    That *would* be a great color in a period flask - we are talking thousands!
  • any idea the age on this one? thanks for your input
  • Most collectors associate repros of this bottle with the Clevenger Brothers of New Jersey.

    This one lacks the "DYOTTVILLE GLASS WORKS PHILADA" embossing on the Taylor side so I believe it is a different manufacturer. Tom Haunton's Clevenger Glass book reports that they were made only with a straight lip without tooling.

    It is most likely less than about 40 years old.

    See my Washington Taylor flask page for more info.
  • If it has the DYOTTVILLE embossing, what's the history, and how much is it worth?

  • Is this one of the series of Lestoil flasks from the 1970s?
  • @SlaterTeacher Post some photos - it is the only way for us to know exactly what you have.
  • GEN TAYLOR FLASK - I've searched... nothing so far. Seems to be seamless...cannon with cannon balls. No marks on base. There is a air bubble in the shaft of the cannon. Kinda cool! Thoughts?
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