Need help identifying- pair of round, flat sky blue bottles

I thrifted the two of these, I've gathered that these are from post prohibition from the embossing 'FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS SALE OR RE-USE OF THIS BOTTLE' towards the top of the body in curved text, body is circular and flattened, with a long, curvy neck. Base of bottles are embossed at the top with the number 107, and a second line of embossing with an R44 41. Maybe the 41 means these were made in 1941? Any ideas on the type or brand of alcohol that would've been in these, and if they are worth anything? Thanks! Couldn't quite find anything like it in a Google image search


  • You will find info on your bottle by searching the internet for "vintage banjo bottle" - you will find a number of similarly shaped examples. Some have embossed details, others like yours are plain. These join violin-shaped bottles, popular in the mid 20th century as decorative items. Many had metal hangers so they could be hung on a wall.

    Yours, like some others, were sold with an alcoholic product - The "R44" marking is the Rectifier number which can lead you to the bottling company if you can find other examples with intact labels.

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