Help identify marks on bottom Amber half pint liquor bottle


I have spent several hours trying to read, photograph, distinguish the marks on the bottom of this Amber half pint vintage liquor bottle. I have found other bottles identical in shape and writing on front. However, the bottom markings on this bottle are not even close to the ones I've been comparing to. This bottle seems to have far more markings.

Can anyone possibly help on suggestions on where to look for info. On these markings? They are very difficult to make out but here is what I think is there on the bottom:

Along Top: Middle: Bottom:

D-178. 8 50. Made in USA

PAT D 95464

Left Side: Right Side:

2556. 7T3


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    Attached is the patent for the patent number that you provided. Note that the bottle, in this case, does not match the bottle exactly.

    D-178 is the Distiller number. I have got a list of distiller #s, will research and get back to you on this.


  • Thank you! I did manage, after several different attempts using several different lighting situations, to get a better view of the information.

    It's D-126 or D-125

    MTC. Pat d 95464 or 95454

    Still unsure of the numbers on left side.

  • Sometimes and old fashioned rubbing with paper and pencil can be helpful.

    The patent # is not 95454, this patent is for an apron design.

  • persistent pays off! Working with lighting usually produces better results. I'm glad you were able to improve the view. Keep up the wonderful work.

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