Bottles from Champaign, Urbana, U of I & E Central IL.

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I stumbled across this group while looking for bottle dealers or buyers. I have a collection I gathered over 30 years from construction sites I worked on around E Central IL, mostly Champaign-Urbana, U of I, plus a few from Cape Cod. I'm not a buyer/trader, just saved what was excavated on jobsites. I'm looking for recommendations for a bottle dealer, or someone that buys collections.


  • I have an undergraduate degree from U of I, worked in Champaign, Danville, Rantoul, many years ago. I don't have a bottle from any. Got one or two that might serve me as a souvenir? Medicine bottles?

    Many of these bottles/jars have no collector value. I suggest you sort the bottles in groups of related EMBOSSED bottles:

    embossed sodas/beer bottles;

    embossed liquor/bitters/wine bottles;

    embossed medicine bottles;

    and embossed/unusual miscellaneous bottles and jars.

    Photograph these and post the images for sale on your social media sites or on Etsy or eBay. Take some of these bottles to your local flea market -- set up or offer to dealers there.

    GROUP IMAGES of more than two or three bottles are not effective. The more individual bottles in an image, the greater the amount of shelf or table is in the image. Viewers cannot see the details of a bottle that might take up less than five percent of the total image. Photograph a single bottle (or two or three), and post that image.

    Good luck!

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