Need help finding value for large Arundel Lithia Springs bottle

I have a late 1800s water bottle from a once well-known resort in Meridian MS (Arundel Lithia Springs). I've not been able to find any information on a possible value for it. Supposedly there are so few of these bottles around. I intend to look for a suitable museum arrangement for it first. If that fails I will sell it. I posted the bottle and my history with it in a FB group I found re history and community in Meridian. Many folks were excited to see it and claimed it was rare. They also gave me suggestions for donation. Before I do that however it would be lovely to know something of it's value. Many thanks.


  • Looks like you have a good start on your research - thanks for posting here.

    I make no claim to know this bottle specifically - even after collecting bottles for decades - but I have seen similar mineral water bottles and have a sense of its value. However I would have to give a wide range for that value since there are a number of factors which need consideration:

    • Condition. I detect what may be some roughness to the top of the lip of this bottle. This may seem insignificant to you but that is not the case to the bottle collector. Minor condition issues matter a lot.
    • Color. Yours is not amethyst like the one pictured on the Sodas & Beers site.
    • Good Company. It is a good sign to see that Glassworks Auctions sold one of these previously. They generally do not accept items valued under $150-200 or so.
    • Local Interest. The true value is likely down to a few collectors in and around Mississippi.

    If your bottle is indeed perfect without issues I would hazard a guess in the range of $200-500.

    You might be interested to look at the grouping of later 19th century mineral waters in the latest Glassworks auction

    lots 132-143. Don't delay, this catalog will go offline fairly soon.

  • This is extremely helpful. Many thanks for getting back to me!

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