New to the forum, but not to collecting. Need help valuing and dating

I found this bottle at a store that has various booths in it with things for sale. From what I’ve found it could be from around 1913 or so? Anyone else know anything more about this bottle? It has the original stopper and the labels are in good condition.


  • Thanks for posting.

    I am curious as to how you came up with the exact date of 1913 but it does seem to be a reasonable guesstimate. It is hard to tell from your images whether this is a machine made bottle or not. Could be either for that point in time. It would of course affect its value.

    The presence of the alcohol and ingredients reflects the impact of the Pure Food and Drug Act of... was it 1905?

    It's a good piece although not hugely valuable. Having the labels and what appears to be original stopper are a big plus.

    Watkins - a company still around today amazingly enough. I was surprised to see from this bottle that it appears to have been quite a big company as of ~1910

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