Tall, Long Neck, One Gallon Glass Bottle - Has Federal Law Forbids...

I am interested to know original contents and any other history of production. Bottle is 18" high.

Thank you, Douglas


  • More info needed, specifically the markings on the base. Add a clear photo of the base would be ideal.

  • Have been trying to get better light to show bottom. Here is the best I could do for now.

    Looks like 64 D-1(maybe) 65

  • The D-1 permit number I have traced to The National Distillers Products Corp. that produced the Old Taylor and PM Deluxe brand whiskeys. Likely they had other brands, these are the two that I have associated with D-1 based on seeing labeled examples.

  • Thank you Chris. I will start to look at other National Distiller bottles. I assume 64 or 65 is the year.

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    Date-wise, possibly. There is no uniformity in manufacturer markings, there is good documentation for only a few 20th century companies.

    I am tempted to say this bottle is a bit earlier than the 1960s.

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