NEWBIE HERE! With Questions, of course!

Howdy, y'all! Happy New Year!

I joined this group today because I have a collection of liquor decanters that I am looking to release to a new owner. Now that I am in my 70s, I feel that the time is right to do some major downsizing! And this collection is one of the targets. I have around 25 pieces and the collection includes automotive, animal and decorative glass decanters.

Most do not have dates and I am not sure of the best way to begin the process. I know that photos are important and snapping some pics would be pretty easy. But what specific info is needed in order to determine the value of a specific item or a group of items?

I live in Southern California (Orange County) so dealing locally would always be preferred - but it's not a requirement, of course. It would be my preference to sell the entire collection to a single buyer but that is not a requirement either. It's just a much simpler process!

Thanks in advance for any guidance!


  • Here is a photo of the collection.

    This is not a complete or detailed representation but it will provide a basis for discussion, I hope.

    There are also AVON cologne bottles with this grouping.

  • Happy New Year to you as well and thanks for posting.

    You are right in wanting to sell your decanters locally. There is not a huge demand for most of them and shipping costs are relatively high. If any of the decanters still have their contents then you have few if any options to ship.

    As for value, you can check Completed listings on eBay where you will notice that many auctions for Jim Beam decanters, Ezra Brooks, Avon, etc. do not sell. One notable exception are the I Dream of Jeannie decanters which continue to be a fairly desirable collectors item. There are probably some others that break the value rule.

    As for selling, I would be looking to Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Both will give you good exposure to buyers. Make sure that your listings include as much description as you can squeeze in - this is always helpful since you never know what words a potential buyer will search to find what you have.

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