S E Hansen Atlanta Ga bottle age/history?

New here, I have an old hutch bottle I found that I cannot find any information about. I am hoping someone here is familiar with it and can provide some info. It reads S E Hansen Bottling Waters Atlanta Georgia. It has no other markings. The color is clear.

Mold lines run down both sides of the bottle, one more pronounced than the other. The bottom is not flat - it has an indented ring form. The top looks to have been applied separately. I’m not sure of all the terminology. Hopefully these pictures attached help! Thanks in advance


  • You are correct in saying this is a Hutch soda owing to its shape - it used a Hutchinson patent stopper. The bottle dates to the late 19th century.

    Your particular bottle is unlisted on sodasandbeers.com which could mean it is fairly scarce. Hard to say on value but the condition is not great which does hurt. There were literally thousands of bottlers and little is known about most of them

  • Thanks for the info Chris!

  • Hi Lane,

    Your bottle has caught the interest of two guys who have done an incredible job of documenting all the soda and beer bottles of the US - your specific bottle is unknown to them.

    They would appreciate knowing the

    - height of the bottle and

    -the diameter of the body and

    -is the glass truly clear or might there be a slight tint of color?

    Also, Is there a maker's mark and/or any other embossing on the back of the bottle?

    Do let us know, it would be great to have these further details.



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