Help identify. Large collection

My mom was a collector of antique glass bottles. Unfortunately, she passed away 8 years ago today 😢. Her stuff has been in storage all this time and my sister's and I have just started going through it. There may be over 100 bottles and we don't know where to start with these to find out how old they are or their value. We are located in Northern Utah. There is a milk white collection, cobalt blue, there are medicine, cosmetic, food etc. Example photos of a lash's bitters bottle in the photo. Found lots of lash's bottles online but only 2 ebay listings for this specific one. If anyone can help point us in the right direction to find the value and age of the bottles in her collection it would be greatly appreciated.


  • You are right to be noticing that your Lash bottle is different from others. Sometimes variants can be more valuable.

    I would suggest adding a group photo of the bottles or a couple of group photos. It's a good place to start. It is really important to show the ENTIRE bottle when posting pictures!

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