Claret Jug Decanter- Is it Crystal Glass? Maker? Age?

I think this is cut glass. It has no seam marks.Its heavy at 2kg. Its hand blown as I can see a bubble or two in base.No maker marks.

At the top is a wateford crystal one that looks like mine on eBay but the stopper is different and I can't find a makers mark. My photos are the four below.

I've been learning about cut glass and pressed and moulded glass and I see lots of conflicting information on videos and articles I've read including words used interchangeably.

I'd appreciate some input from anybody here who can help

Why I think it's cut glass from what I've learnt from articles and video online.

I see no seams - I know they could be polished out but I don't see any.

I see couple tiny bubbles so that means Hand blown not pressed or moulded.

Why it could be cut lead cut glass?

It's heavy ( I know pressed glass.can be also)

The stopper I can see rainbow when light shone on it not, but so easy with decanter.

The decanter feels a little sharp when finger moves (heard that pressed glass can be also)

I don't have UV light but I read that this would show a purple tinge If lead crystal.e base has quite a lot of scratches which makes me think there is some age to this.

Any ideas of age? Possible maker? And if it's lead crystal.

Can hand blown glass be cut and just called cut glass but not crystal (min 24% lead)?

I also read that nowadays doesn't have to have lead content can still be referred to as crystal glass.

I realise that technically crystal glass is not actually crystal as well as it's not a crystal structure

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