Value of a 1954 David Nicholson 1843 whiskey bottle

I'm trying to find out if this bottle has any value, other than being pretty cool and interesting looking. It is also very clean. It is David Nicholson 1843, Bottled in Bond for Peter Hauptmann St. Louis Missouri. There is an imprinted raised “warning” on the bottom that says “federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle”. Also the number D-379 58-54. The label also has very small print related to internal revenue code. Provisions of section 2903-9. There is gold gilded stamp 1843 in a fancy font on the back. It has a glass and cork stopper. The label is oval and has very small print about the Internal Revenue code 2903-9 and some other verbiage. The label also indicates it is 100 proof and is a 4/5 quart. I was told he D-379 means distilled and the distillery ID Number. It was also explained the 58-54 means the Permit number is 58 and the year is 1954. This person also gave me the link to your site. Pictures in comments.


  • You have done some good research on this piece.

    Your bottle was made in what I call the US golden era of decanter marketing in the 1950s / 60s. Such bottles are fairly common. Some, such as the highly decorative "I Dream of Jeannie" decanters fetch a decent dollar. Others are are more plain, not so much.

    If you scan through the sold listings on eBay, you will get an idea of where value is at. Search for something like "federal law forbids decanter"

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