"Refilling Prohibited" green wine bottle

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I am doing some work for a local museum. We dug up a dark colored wine bottle. I know the manufacturer but they have been less than helpful. There is no year mark on the bottle but it does say "Refilling Prohibited" on the bottom. Can anyone tell me when they stopped doing that on wine bottles? I know if it was whiskey it would have said Federal law prohibits..... I hope someone can help. Thanks


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    Oops, I spelled aging wrong. Sorry.

  • bottle made by Thatcher Manufacturing of NY which I seriously doubt is in business anymore.

    I would say mid 20th century - my gut reaction - as in 1940s or 50s

    It is always helpful to post a photo of the full bottle

  • wait, it means that it contained whiskey if the bottle says federal law forbids?

  • @FORBIDS_PROHIBITS - actually all hard liquor, not specifically whiskey. It just so happens that whiskey was most of the hard liquor market in days gone by.

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