Mohan Meakin whisky bottle of naked lady. Valuable or recycle?

I have been given a box of old spirits by my father and in it was this Mohan Meakin, Adam’s Choice Whisky Bottle. Presume it’s from his travels, I would estimate 1970? Tbh we don’t drink spirits but I thought the bottle was very interesting. Would anybody have any idea if the bottle holds any value please? Thank you in advance. Julia


  • I am thinking there may be a market for this bottle since there is a lot of recent interest in boutique spirits, esp. whiskey. The bottle is probably easier to sell empty since you cannot legally ship alcohol in the US. Might be an item you can sell on eBay.

    The bottle is intriguing - I am wondering if the mold was inspired by the late 19th century French figural bottle known as "Bather by the Rocks" Here is a picture of one:

  • Thank you Chris

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