Determining the age of 2 bottles.

During my aimless voyages in the woods I have stumbled across 2 bottles. Both Pepsi bottles and both were found around 4 months apart in different local districts. First one that I am befuddled about is the one I recently found. I will just simply regurgitate the labels printed on the bottle. It is peculiar because there is little information, has no curve in the bottle and is just completely straight. It has to be fairly recent because the bottle cap is in color and the design looks modern. But typically modern bottles are not as simplistic and are decorated with tons of branding. There is a bottom imprinting that reads 32 O 85. Also, on the bottom half of the cap it states it was purchased in NY and has, " by Pepsi-Cola Bottlers of Washington, D.C., Cheverly, Maryland 20781. The very bottom side of the bottom has 84 on the middle right half, and 32A on the left. Then, on the bottom it has 0 branded. Overall that's all I can gather but I'll send in pictures for you experts to further determine.

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