Newbie needs guidance to ageing bottles

Hello everyone, this is my first time here. I have had these three bottles for many years and have finally got around to searching for info about their manufacture and age if at all possible. It appears to me that the clear glass bottles with stoppers are not as old as the third which is a pale aqua glass.

Clear bottles are `13 and 18 cms high not including stoppers. The smaller one does not have any seams. On it's base is the number 4 and what looks like two "J's" attached to each other but one could be an anchor. the larger clear glass bottle has 2 seams that are on opposite corners. It has the same "J"'s /or J and anchor on the base but with the number 10.

The pale aqua bottle is a little over 16 cms, has seams up to and including the first lip but not the rest. It has some random bubbles in the glass. There are no marks on the base nor a central circular mark but it does look as though the base was cut off or sheared off as to make it flat.

Any help appreciated. Thank you.


  • Here are some photos of the marks- not sure if you can see them very well.....

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