Pontil miniature bottle assistants

I recently acquired a small collection from an old collectors son. The son didn’t have much care for the bottles and wasn’t much help. The collection did include several historical flasks and other very notable bottles. They all are pretty easy to identify except the photos I’m including. All info and approximate values are welcome. Thanks


  • I cannot speak for the figural bottle but it does look to be an unusual one - can't say I have ever see one like it.

    Bottles 2-6 are European blown bottles in something of the 50-75 range except for the wonderful bubbly amber example of value easily in the 3-400 range.

    The aqua sunburst pattern flask is Clevenger, minor value, the swirl amber piece is modern Mexican glass. Not much value in those lower pieces.

    The last dark olive green piece looks to be a miniature European liqueur bottle - better than the full size pieces but not particularly valuable

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