Found Bottle in Caribbean Sea need help determining age

I found this bottle while snorkeling in the Virgin Islands. It is common for people to find old bottles down here. I was hoping to get some help determining how old it may be.

distinguishing characteristics:

-“35” embossed on base

-looks like a circular Pontil mark on base?

-seam runs up to below collar

-seem runs around collar (applied lip?)

any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Interesting find . . . a crown cap finish with a skirt or ring. The crown top dates to 1892, so it's no earlier. Not a pontil scar, I think. It appears the parison was seated three different times as it was produced -- I suspect a rickety machine in which the bottle was made.

  • This might appear a bit older than it is, owing to the dark green color and irregularities in its manufacture. It is an early era machine-made bottle, that is the 19-aughts or 19-teens.

    The closure was probably a crown top but possibly unlikely but possibly a PRIOF closure (see

    The base does not have a pontil mark - instead the thin rough ring is an Owens-type bottle machine ring I believe. There are also molded details (a ring and central dot)

    Note that the mold seam extends to the very top edge of the lip.

  • Thank you so much for the comments!

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