CASE OF BOEYKENS beer bottles - need value info

I have a CASE OF BOEYKENS – wooden case, 24 bottles – which I was told was recovered from a mine in Colorado. Green bottles, not much in the way of markings on base. 

The case was given to me a novelty item. I breed dogs called Boykins. Different spelling, different families from different countries, but the thought and pronunciation is there. Boykin and Boeykens are two different families. Boeykens originate from Belgium. Boykin originates from Denmark & Germany. Or from Ural (two different stories). 

I wish to donate this the case to the Boykin Spaniel Club for a fundraiser and wondering it there is a base value that should be listed or leave it as a novelty item. Boykins and Boeykens are pronounced the same and to me is enough to create interest in the “Case of Boeykens” as a novelty Auction item for the Club event. 

I was told but finding it difficult to verify that the Brewery Boeykens is a former brewery in Asper, Belgium and was active from 1835 to 1957. Beers included Special, Bock, Bock Eureka

Asper, Belgium, is a Belgian village belonging to the municipality of Gavere.

Gavere is a municipality located in the Belgian province of East Flanders. The municipality comprises the towns of Asper, Baaigem, Dikkelvenne, Gavere, Semmerzake and Vurste. On January 1, 2006, Gavere had a total population of 12,004. The total area is 31.35 km² which gives a population density of 383 inhabitants per km².

Hopefully you can see from photos that the bottles are ABM -- the side seam runs thru the top of the lip with a porcelain cap closed using a wire bail.

Would be interested in any information you can share including date, range of value, if any, vintage vs antique, and a guess on how this “Case of Boeykens” made it from Belgium to a mine shaft in Colorado.

Thank you.

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