MJ Weslar Binghamton NY blob top beer - ID and Estimated Worth

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I have had this bottle for many years and been having trouble researching the information on it. The front of the

bottle has raised lettering "M.J. Weslar" with Binghamton underneath it in a circular form. The bottom has raised lettering as well "Glass Works" with Rochester, N.Y. again underneath it in a circular form. It has 3 well defined lines most likely where it was put together. One on each side vertically and one circular one around the top of the neck. It has several small indentations on the bottom of the bottle. The color is dark amber/brown. Thanks for any input!......... Mike


  • Mike

    Thanks for posting photos of your blob top beer bottle. We know from "Bottle Makers and Their Marks" that Rochester Glass Works was in business from 1865 to roughly 1887. It is not a manufacturer mark that one sees very often.

    Your beer bottle has an applied blob lip. Hard to say on value since this must be a scarce one. Somehow your bottle has escaped the extensive catalog of soda and beer bottles at http://sodasandbeers.com That site has documented bottles from over 18,000 bottlers of the time period. One approach to get an idea of value is to look at what other similar blob top beers have sold for on eBay.... that is at least a starting point.

  • Thanks for your help! I found this behind my mother's barn back in the 70's stuck down in the mud under a log. She lives in Port Crane just outside of Binghamton, NY which makes sense. Like you said it must be scarce because I can't find another one on-line. Thanks again for your help! .... Mike

  • Found this bottle only other I found is in a museum in GA. Its a national dope co.

    Birmingham Al

    Hutchinson bottle

  • Hey Mike I sent you a message. Definitely a tough to find bottle. It's an 1880-1890's era beer. I'd be interested for my collection if you would like to part with it. I specifically collect Binghamton and have about 30 different beer bottles just like this one. This is one I currently don't have, though.

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