What year or date range is this Read Brothers - The "Dog's Head" Bottling Guinness bottle from?

... Since 2o12, i have researched far and wide and feel limited in answers from all my research after 1o YRs! !! ... Renovating a very old house in Potsdam, NY... Discovery was in th' walls, in order to bring electric into a 'Garage Like' extension from th' home... Protected from ages of elements in th' house's interior, it was behind old wall boards... i found this Guinness bottle and another with labels gone... it had been buried under many mouse shredded newspapers! ... My best conclusion was maybe 1938-1954, please let me know if you or anyone know its date or value! ... i have been keeping it bubble wrapped & protected in a box and Guinness has been my favorite beer for over 25 YRs... Thanks everybody! ... i will upload some photos, feel free to message any further questions!


  • What is odd is that you have a champagne bottle - yes, bottles were reused a lot but this is a puzzler.

    It is hard to tell the age of your bottle from the photos. It could be even late 19th century.

    You might have better luck on a UK bottle forum for help with the of the labels.

  • Hi there. Just found this thread looking to identify an almost / perhaps identical bottle here in New Zealand. This one appears unopened but about 1/3 of the liquid is gone. Possibly unsurprising given the potential age. The cork may have failed and it leaked at some stage - the family has been in the house over 70 years and it’s always been here. There is a faint marking that indicates perhaps 1900. Here are some photos - would be keen to understand it’s origin too!

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