Medicine Bottle with "MB" mark, unusual and rare?

Hello, my first post here...I found this medicine bottle with a very rare mark. I say rare because I cannot find anything comparable and zero information. Can someone help identify the bottle, manufacturer, or both?


  • Thanks for posting this.

    When one flips through the pages of Bottle Makers and Their Marks, one sees a number of variations of marks for a given company. This may be one such unrecorded variation. Muncie Glass Co which has a documented mark of "MB Co." might have used MB. It is a possibility.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply. I did check out Muncie Glass but their fonts were not close. The stylized "B" which looks more like a script font is the kicker. I can't find any mention or even anything comparable anywhere online. But you are probably right about the variations...



  • Hi bdjwayne - I know it’s been a while since this post, but wondering if you ever found out more info. I found the exact same bottle today and am also coming up empty.



  • Hello , I just found the same bottle have you found any info on yours because I can't seem to find anything

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