Value of Stephens 191 Aldersgate London ink bottle with square neck

Dug up 2 old bottles 1 in very good condition the second same but missing the tinny spout ! I found this website it’s the exact same bottle but no price thanks


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    I am no expert on the value of UK bottles and am coming up short finding any more info on this particular mold - Stephens was in business for many years - see this timeline of the company which provides about as much detail as one could expect to find on any 19th century business.

    I did find several examples of the same square neck mold but without the vertical embossing down the body of the bottle. I would assume that has some contribution to value.

  • Thanks for your help chris . Do you know of anyone who would be able to value it ? I live in Australia thanks

  • You definitely want value in Australia - I would review the auction results and/or contact these folks in Victoria:

  • Hi there, I’ve found the same bottle while dredging for oysters today, but I believe what I have maybe slimmer, if anyone has any info it would be gratefully received, jim

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