W Campbell bottle: what is this for?

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I have a W Campbell bottle with The Genuine Always bears this signature on it. I found this site when the same question came up on my search. So I assume someone knows the answer. I would appreciate some information. Also value? date? Thanks


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    Please post a photo of your bottle. If you can tell us about the mold seam (how far up the neck it goes) and include a photo of any base markings, that would also be very helpful.
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    I found this forum question while searching a bottle. Mine is an odd shaped bottle "W.Campbell The genuine always bears this signature". The bottom has a 4 and F facing opposite sides. The bottle is 5 & 6/8 inches tall. The mold seam is very faint, but goes all the way to the top of the bottle.

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  • My hunch is that this is a flavoring bottle....for flavoring extracts. Just a hunch...
  • Thanks Chris!
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